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Urban Furnished LLC, Operator on behalf of the owner (hereinafter “Management”) agrees
to allow the “guests” to reside in the premises for the duration mentioned on the attached receipt.

  1. The guest shall reside in the premises only as a temporary residence and shall not engage in any commercial illegal, nuisance, dangerous or other activity that could embarrass the management or cause the management to receive complaints from neighbors. The premises shall not be occupied or left in the care of anyone not listed herein or shall any pets be kept without the management’s written permission.

  2. I agree that I will be the sole occupant during the entire period of the lease agreement. Violation of this rule will constitute a serious breach of the agreement and Urban Furnished LLC, may elect to cancel this agreement without any refund to me.

  3. Guest shall pay the full Rent booked.

  4. Guest is responsible for payment based on length of time authorized in this agreement (stated above) or for the period in which the guest is in occupancy, whichever is longer. Which is to be paid on a monthly basis to the management upon execution of this agreement.

  5. A Security Deposit is to be paid upon signing of the agreement which is refundable within 30 days of check-out.

  6. Guests are responsible for payment based on the length of time authorized in this agreement (stated above) or for the period in which the guest is in occupancy, whichever is longer.

  7. The security deposit shall be returned after inspection by the management and the management determines that no damage, loss or injury (other than from reasonable wear and tear) has been done to the premises or property therein. Security deposits are to be returned after guest’s departure within 30 days OR a reasonable time frame at the discretion of the management whichever is sooner.

  8. Guest agrees that the security deposit shall not be used to cover rent and shall not attempt to assign license to others unless otherwise agreed with the management.

  9. Management shall not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage to guest or guest’s property or friends other than as a result of the owner's gross negligence. Guest must immediately notify management if locks on doors or windows are not functioning properly.

  10. Management shall not be responsible for insuring his/her personal property and owner shall not be responsible for guest’s personal property.

  11. Cleaning Fee. All guests will be charged a cleaning fee prior to move-in, which will cover the cleaning of the apartment after the guest has checked out.

  12. The premise is furnished. If furnished, the management shall provide an inventory of the property therein. Any complaint or issue regarding the inventory (sheets, pots, pans, etc.) must be raised within two 2 days of taking residence.

  13. Guest and owner agrees that Urban furnished LLC, the management, has no obligation to fulfill any of the owner’s or guest’s written or oral promises or inducements and shall look to each other solely for performance.

  14. Guest agrees that violation of this agreement in any way may require the guest to immediately vacate the premises and cause the management to change the locks. Such violation will also lead to forfeiture of all payments, including the security deposit.

  15. Rent is final. All rent and fee are non-refundable.

  16. Smoking is prohibited. Guests will be charged for wall-washing, deductible from the security deposit if guest(s) smoke in the apartment.

  17. No Pets Allowed. Pets are not allowed on the premises during Guest’s term of stay. If pets are found in the apartment, guests are liable for all damages.

  18. Guest Check In/Check Out. Guest check in time is 3:00PM of move-in date. Guest check out time is 12:00PM of move-out date, unless otherwise decided upon with management.

  19. Appointments. Urban furnished LLC, Reserves the right to enter the premises for the purpose of inspection, repair or to show the apartment to potential guests, regardless of agreement and/or confirmation by guest. Guests will be given a 24 hour notice which the guest may need to make accommodations for the visit. In case of suspicious/illegal activity, Management reserves the right to enter the apartment at any time and without notice.

  20. Owner and guest acknowledge that Urban furnished LLC, may sometimes receive payments from guest and forward such payments to owner. Without expanding or limiting any other provisions set forth herein, owner and guest hereby acknowledge that such payment agreements as they may occur from time to time shall constitute no agency, escrow or other relationship between (1) Urban Furnished LLC, and guest and/or (2) Urban Furnished LLC, and owner. Urban furnished LLC, shall, therefore, incur no liability vis-à-vis guest or owner arising out of Urban Furnished LLC. Collection or payment of funds on behalf of the owner.

  21. Management office can be contacted during business hours of 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday.

  22. For any other problem arising during your stay please contact management directly via phone numbers provided.


Rider to Lease


Urban Furnished LLC. - as Landlord

and Tenant, each jointly and severally


  • Cancelation Policy - A forty five (45) day notice is required for cancellation. Cancellations that are made more than forty five (45) days prior to the arrival date will incur no penalty. Cancellations or changes that result in a shortened stay, that are made within fourteen to forty five (14-45) days of the arrival date, forfeit the 50% of advance payment. Cancellation or early departure does not warrant any refund of rent.

  • Extra Cleaning (per request) – Landlord will charge a one-time cleaning fee which covers the cleaning necessary at the end of Tenants’ stay. If for any reason tenant requires additional cleanings’ during stay there will be an additional charge per cleaning session requested.

  • Utilities Included – As per the agreement, the utilities included in the apartment will be as follows:  Con Edison (up to $100), Heat, water, Basic Cable and high speed internet. If for any reason, Con Edison goes over the $100, the tenant will be liable for the difference.

  • Cable upgrade (per request) - Landlord provides basic cable and internet. If tenant would like to have additional channels during their stay an additional charge of $75.00 - $125.00 would be required.

  • Lost/Misplaced Keys – Please be advised that landlord must collect all key sets provided at the end of the tenants’ stay. If for any reason the tenant loses key(s) or gets locked out and needs to get back into the apartment, there will be a surcharge of $50.00 to cover expenses for key copies or locksmith if occurring outside of business hours (refer to lease for business hours)

  • Rent Late Fees – Please be advised that rent is due on the 5th of each month. Please make monthly rent payments with appropriate time to avoid being charged a late fee of $50.00, which will be applied for each time that monthly rent is not received on or before the 5th of each month.

  • NO SMOKING! – Tenant agrees and acknowledges that the Apartment to be occupied by Tenant and members of Tenant’s household have been designated as a smoke-free living environment. Tenant and members of Tenant’s household shall not smoke anywhere in the Apartment, or in the building in which the Apartment is a part, or in any of the common areas or adjoining grounds of such building, nor shall Tenant permit any guests or visitors under the control of Tenant to do so. Tenant acknowledges that violation of this agreement may result in FINES OF UP TO $1,500.00.

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